Adding an Annotation

Add Annotation allows the user to create a new annotation for the selected resource. An annotation can be added from Explore project view, a graph, an usage or Cobol Source analysis view.

About this task

This task takes you step-by-step through the process of adding an annotation.


  1. To add an annotation, select a resource and depending on the analysis from which you want to add the annotation, you will either have to:
    1. Go in the results area and choose Add Annotation from the Explore area to the right of the tab.
    2. Go in the Graph inventory or on the graph that is displayed, right-click on the selected resource and from the pop-up menu that is displayed select Annotations > Add Annotation. After Add Annotation is selected the Create Annotation window appears.
    Figure 1. Add Annotation
    Add Annotation
  2. The Resources area displays the resource name, the resource type, and the name of the project.
    1. In the Title field, enter a short, relevant title for the annotation.
    2. In the Main text field, enter the annotation.
    3. The Date field displays the current date, which represents the annotation date.
    4. To add keywords for the annotation, click the Manage button from the Keywords area. In the Manage keywords dialog window, a list of available keywords is displayed. Use the arrow buttons to move keywords between the Available and Selected areas. To add a keyword to the list, enter the word in the field at the top of the list then press the Add button. Once you selected all the wanted keywords, press Ok to return to the Create Annotations dialog window. The selected keywords are displayed in the Keywords area of the dialog window.
  3. Finally, click Save to add the annotation to the selected resource. An icon next to the resource in the graph indicates that an annotation is available for that resource.