Compare Applications

The Compare Applications analysis detects the differences between source components of the selected applications. Detected differences are sources that exist in one application but not in the other, or sources that exist in both applications but differ in content.

To compare two applications, in Application Discovery Browser perspective, from the Projects list in the central part of the Explore Projects tab, select the projects that contain the applications you want to compare. For details on perspectives and their components, see IBM® AD Analyze Client Reference.

When you select two projects from the Explore Projects tab, the available graphs, reports, and usage analyses are displayed to the right of your screen.

In the Compare Analysis section, to the right of the Explore Projects tab double-click Compare Applications to display the Compare Action wizard.

For each selected project, the available applications are presented. Select from the lists the applications that you want to compare then click Finish to display the compare analysis.

When you compare two applications, the results of the structure comparison are displayed in the upper part of the screen. Navigation tools are available. You can navigate to the next or to the previous difference or change.

The results of the compare operation can also be presented in a report. Click Generate Report in the upper right corner of the compare results window. For details, see Compare Projects Report in Reports chapter.