Checklist for getting started

Wazi Analyze is a web-based application that is pre-installed and delivered in a Docker container running on Linux. You can refer to the following checklist to quickly get started with Wazi Analyze.

Table 1. Getting-started checklist
Getting started with Wazi Analyze

Download the Wazi Analyze Docker container.

Download the Wazi Analyze Docker container from Passport Advantage. For more information, see Downloading Wazi Analyze.


Get started with Wazi Analyze Docker container.

Before you start, make sure that you have Docker installed and running. You need to complete the following tasks:
  1. Set up Docker.
  2. Load and run the Wazi Analyze container on Docker that you just set up. For more information, see Deploying the Wazi Analyze Docker container.
Prepare and scan the source files.
  1. To scan the source files, you need to prepare all the source files in a single directory and transfer them to the Wazi Analyze container in the specified location. For more information, see Preparing the source files to be scanned.
  2. After you transfer the source files into the Wazi Analyze container, you can scan the source files. For more information, see Scanning the source files.

Start Wazi Analyze server.

After the source files are scanned, you can start the server and get ready to view the impact analysis results. For more information, see Starting up and shutting down the server.


View the impact analysis results.

You can launch your browser to start the analysis. For more information, see Viewing impact analysis results.

Getting help

If you encounter any issues with Wazi Analyze, you can find troubleshooting tips in the Troubleshooting topic.

If you need further help and resources, go to the Getting help and resources page.