API Connect V5 for IBM Cloud overview

API Connect V5 for IBM Cloud is an integrated API management offering, where all of the steps in the API lifecycle, and the actions that surround it, are performed within the offering.

The steps of the API lifecycle include creating, running, managing, and securing APIs, as depicted in the following diagram.
The API lifecycle
Table 1 summarizes the API lifecycle.
Table 1. Steps of the API lifecycle
Create Develop and write the API definition and implementation, and test the API.
Run Package and deploy the API. Ensure that the API is hosted securely on a stable platform.
Manage Create and manage self-service portals that expose the API to API consumers. Monitor the set of rules and conditions that govern the API to ensure it is fulfilling its intended purpose, and make adjustments if necessary. Retire and archive the API when appropriate.
Secure Incorporate access control, monitoring, and logging to properly secure the API.
With API Connect for IBM® Cloud V5, you can perform all of the lifecycle steps in a single integrated offering, removing the requirement to use multiple API management offerings to obtain the same capability. API Connect for IBM Cloud V5 includes the following key capabilities to cover the lifecycle of an API:
  • Automated, visual, and coding options that API providers can use to create scalable APIs
  • Node.js and Java support for creating microservices applications and APIs with integrated tooling
  • Integrated enterprise grade clustering, management, and security for Node.js and Java
  • Lifecycle management and governance for APIs
  • Set pricing details in plans to define revenue-producing subscription plans for your APIs
  • Access control over APIs for both API providers and consumers by using role-based permissions, API packaging constructs, and subscription and community management
  • Customizable, self service portals for publishing APIs for discovery and use
  • Runtime enforcement of built-in and user-defined policies, and mechanisms to secure, control, and optimize API traffic
  • API usage analytics for both API providers and consumers, with runtime and historical reporting on usage patterns and performance metrics
For information about the API Connect for IBM Cloud V5 components that provide these capabilities, and details about the defined strategy for packaging and publishing APIs for use by API consumers, see:

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