CSV file with utf-8 encoding

How to save a csv file with UTF-8 encoding.

To use Custom Labels and Messages Settings in Survey or Marketing Cloud Landing Pages, you need to upload a CSV (.csv) file with UTF-8 encoding. Follow the steps to produce a csv file with the UTF-8 encoding.

  1. Start with your custom labels file saved in an Excel Workbook format (.xls, .xlsx).
  2. Open the file in Excel, click File/Save As. In the Save As pop-up window for Save as type, change Excel Workbook to Unicode Text.
  3. Click Save. Now you have a text file in which your non-English language characters are properly displayed.
  4. Right-click the file you saved and open with a plain text editor, for example, WordPad or Notepad. Note that the file is tab delimited and you need to change it to comma delimited.
    • Highlight any one "tab" character, which is the entire space between 2 columns, and copy that space (i.e. tab).
    • Click Edit - choose Replace. Paste the tab character into Find what. Enter "," (without quotes) in the Replace with box.
    • Click Replace All, and exit the dialog box.
    • Go to File - click Save. The text file is now comma delimited.
  5. Go to File - Save As, change the Encoding from Unicode to UTF-8. For Save as type, change from Text Document to All Files. For the File name, give an extension .csv.
  6. Click Save. You have successfully saved the file in .csv with UTF-8 encoding.