What is Social Audiences?

Social Audiences connects social ad networks with Acoustic Campaign. It enables marketers to reach known customers and customers who resemble them (lookalike audiences) on social networks.

Social Audiences captures ad-based metrics so that clients can review performance details in one environment for tailoring messages and marketing outreach that is closely aligned to consumer's interests and preferences. Marketers can now understand customer behaviors and interactions on the social channel for a more personalized experience.

Social Audiences allows marketers to collect the following data from social networks:
  • Audience size and activity
  • Ad performance
  • Ad spend and results tied to the ad account of the user

Benefits of using Social Audiences

  • Targets specific customers on a channel where they are most likely to interact, placing more targeted advertising to continue the customer interaction and communication across all channels.
  • Converts prospects into customers by providing more relevant content on the right platform.
  • Allows users to conduct social media targeting from within the marketing suite and thus enable an additional channel by using targeted advertising.
  • Enables an automated flow of data to an otherwise cumbersome and potentially insecure process.
  • Allows users to manage ads and audiences from within one environment.
  • Allows users to review reporting metrics on ad performance in one place to make future decisions.
  • Enables ease of use and ability to test social paid media and determine the effectiveness of this channel in the marketers existing processes.
  • Enables deep analytics for social channels, aggregate audience insights, adds additional information from Acoustic Campaign, and gives marketers a clearer view of their target audiences. Marketers can replicate proven campaigns to social channels. This includes reaching their customers where they prefer to connect with the brand - their stores, websites, and mobile apps, which results in better, more targeted ads for consumers.

Features of Social Audiences

  • Syndicates audiences/segments from audience producers in Acoustic Exchange to Facebook for targeting of display ads on Facebook (for custom audiences and lookalike audiences).
  • Has the following ad build capabilities:
    • Objective selection
    • Targeting criteria (Audience specific or generic Facebook criteria)
    • Budget specification
    • Creative association
  • Runs ads and audiences on Facebook from within Social Audiences
  • Reporting on Ad performance
    • Clicks, CPC, Impressions, CPM, Budget, Spend (Metrics are contextual to the objective)