Contact Scoring

Contact scoring allows you to create accurate scoring models to determine if your potential customers are sales-ready.

What is a scoring model?

Contact Scoring allows you to create a highly accurate scoring model that ranks the strength of contacts based on essential company demographics, campaign and Web tracking behavior, and ancillary data, so you know your potential client is sales-ready.

A Scoring model is a tool that helps you use contact data and then segment and define your ideal buyer by strategically scoring leads based on criteria such as Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline (BANT) and demographics like state, company size, revenue size, etc. Acoustic Campaign gives you the flexibility to create a Scoring model that will best match your unique criteria of prospects likely to convert.

You can send different types of alerts when a contact performs an action, such as when a score or rank threshold is reached or when a contact submits a Web form, downloads file, or enters a program.

Each Scoring model must have a unique name. This name will drive the columns in your database.


For more information about Acoustic Campaign's Contact Scoring, watch this video: