What's new in Acoustic Experience Analytics (Tealeaf)

We've been busy! Learn what's new and changed in the latest release of Acoustic Experience Analytics (Tealeaf).

September 2019

Holiday Readiness Program 2019

Bring it on, holidays! Be prepared for the upcoming holiday season with Acoustic’s new 2019 Holiday Readiness Program. Download our product-specific guidelines for recommendations to optimize peak program activity. To learn more and access our Holiday Readiness webinars and guidelines, check out this blog post.

Our Support and Services team is available to help make your peak season successful. If you should need any assistance, please let us know how we can help.

For information on contacting Support and related processes, and links to sign up for outage notifications, check out our Acoustic Support Handbook.

Acoustic branding

The login page and the banner for the product now reflect the acoustic brand.

The Knowledge Center documentation also reflects the acoustic brand.

Replay diagnostics

We added a feature to Replay that allows you to view load times for the session and selected pages.

You can use the data from the Loading details window to help troubleshoot slow Replays.

More options for tracking mouse movement

In the previous release of Acoustic Experience Analytics (Tealeaf), we added a configuration setting to show mouse movement in Replay.

In the September 2019 release, we refine the Show mouse movement feature where users can specify how mouse movement gets rendered in Replay.

Usability enhancements to Snapshot Gallery

We made the following usability enhancements to the Snapshot Gallery:
  • Most popular Overlays reflected in list order

    We changed the order of the overlays on the Select Overlay list, putting the most frequently used overlays at the top.

  • A redesigned toolbar for Overlays

    We redesigned the toolbar for Overlays to be consistent with recent changes to the Replay toolbar.

    Newly designed icons for actions that are common to all overlays (such as the information and export action icons) are displayed on the far-right side of the toolbar.

    Icons for the actions that are applicable to the overlay that is currently selected are displayed in the center of the toolbar.

  • Link parity for Overlay report views

    We added a capability to link to sessions from the table view of an Overlay report.

    Previously, the only way to drill-down from an Overlay report to a list of sessions was to hover over a data point in the chart or graph view and click View Sessions.

    The enhancement provides link parity for the different report views.