Policy-based automation

Policy-based automation focuses on separating your business and operational policies from the mechanics of actually performing the automation according to the policies. Policy-based automation focuses on setting your policies and Automation Control deals with implementing them.

Automation Control policy-based automation includes resource information, groups of resources, and relationships in the decision-making process before acting. Resource information defines resource class and name, as well as how to start, stop, and monitor the resource. Resources can be members of system-wide groups and relationships.

The power of a policy

The Sample Add-on policy includes automation modules for base operating system, major middleware, and systems management software. Today’s wide range of add-on policies are based on best practices and can help reduce time and effort in creating a policy or updating one.

Another possibility to populate your policy is by using the autodiscovery function. If you use this method, the data of all your address spaces that include the UNIX System Services are gathered on your system.