Using the Developer Portal REST APIs

Developer Portal REST APIs are used to gain access to the content in a Catalog that would be exposed to an API consumer.

All of the Developer Portal API calls are either unauthenticated or made by an authenticated developer that is a member of a Developer organization.

Important: If the Portal Delegated User Registry is selected for the Catalog that you want to work with, you cannot use the Developer Portal REST APIs. This is because the user management is delegated to the Developer Portal, and consequently the management server can no longer provide user authentication. For more information, see Portal Delegated User Registry.

Developer Portal operations

You can complete the following operations with the Developer Portal API:
  1. Onboard developers.
  2. As a developer, you can manage your own user profile and memberships.
  3. As a developer organization owner, you can manage memberships.
  4. Browse published applications and Plans.
  5. Create applications and subscribe to Plans.
  6. Gather analytics data about API, Plan, and application usage.
All Portal API calls are made within the context of a Catalog.
Note: Developer Portal REST APIs enable you to use REST APIs to perform some of the operations that are normally carried out in the Developer Portal UI. For more information about the Developer Portal UI, see Discover and use APIs through the Developer Portal.