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Are you looking for older announcements letters and sales manuals?

We're meeting the direct requests received from Clients to bring all of IBM's technical documentation into one place. This move will provide increased discoverability on news about IBM's portfolio. As of the June 28, 2023, updates to the IBM Documentation platform, you now can search for announcements that were published prior to 2020 (referred to as archived announcements).

To access archived announcements (announcements published prior to 2020):

  • Navigate to the IBM Docs Announcements home page
  • From the left nav, click Search archived announcement letters. This opens the IBM Docs search results page and displays all archived announcements.
  • You can sort by date or enter a date range.
  • Note: Some of these letters were originally created in earlier versions of HTML and may have formatting issues. You also can download the PDF for these older announcements.