What's new in version 1.0.1

IBM Verse On-Premises 1.0.1 provides the following new features and enhancements.

For administrators

  • Performance and scalability have been improved.
  • There are two new custom views for the mail template, ($VerseLookup) and ($VerseTrashLookup). The custom views used previously are no longer needed.
  • Running the convert utility with the -m argument is no longer necessary.

For developers

Build and test applications for Verse On-Premises based on the IBM Verse Developer Browser Extension. For more information, see the Verse developer site.

For users

  • Digitally sign or encrypt mail automatically. Click the profile picture, and from the drop-down menu, select Mail and Calendar Settings. Select options in the Security tab:
  • Show messages with attachments. From your messages list, click the paper clip icon:

    paper clip icon

  • Threads are available to help you organize your mail. Messages in the same “thread” are stacked and treated as one entity within the message list. Threads with unread messages are bolded, while threads with messages marked high priority are given a red exclamation point icon to easily identify them. Messages that you sent previously are labeled SENT.

    To open a thread, simply click on it from the message view. The most recent message in the thread displays first, with older messages appearing collapsed underneath it, each with a header displaying the sender, send date and the first few lines of the message. You can uncollapse the older messages by selecting the twistie next to the header.Threads