Deploying apps to devices

MaaS360 allows you to deploy (or distribute) apps to devices after you added the apps to the App Catalog.

About this task

App deployment recommendations

  • Deploy apps and updates during non-business hours to avoid interruptions.
  • Test the app for compatibility by deploying the app to selected devices.
    • If you are testing an enterprise app, you can upload multiple versions of the same app so that you can test the pre-release version of the app before you deploy the app to production.
    • If you are testing an Android public or private channel app, you can deploy the alpha and beta tracks for internal testing.

Follow these steps to deploy an app:


  1. From the MaaS360® Portal Home page, select Apps > Catalog.
  2. Open the app that you want to distribute.
  3. In the detail view of the app, click Distribute.
    The Distribute App window is displayed.
  4. Provide the following details:
    Option Description
    • Device: The app is deployed to the selected device.
    • Group: The app is deployed to all devices in the group.
    • All Devices: The applicable devices are targeted based on the app type. For example, if you deploy an iOS enterprise app to all devices, the app is deployed to all iOS devices. The Android, macOS, and Windows devices do not receive the app.
    Note: Use the (+) plus icon to add multiple distribution targets.
    Send Notification A notification is sent to devices to inform the devices that a new app is added to the App Catalog.
    Send Email An email is sent to users to inform users that a new app is added to the App Catalog.
  5. Click Distribute.
    The app is successfully distributed to devices.