Configuring automatic app installation options for Managed Google Play apps

You can control automatic app installation settings for Managed Google Play apps from the MaaS360 Portal.

About this task

MaaS360 supports the following granular automatic app installation options for Google Play apps:
  • Install once
  • Retry installation

Follow these steps to configure installation settings for individual apps on managed devices:


  1. From the MaaS360 Portal Home page, select Apps > Catalog.
    The App Catalog page is displayed.
  2. Click Add and then select either Google Play App or Private App for Android Enterprise.
  3. Select the app that you want to add and then click the Policies and Distribution tab.
  4. Select Install Settings > Install Automatically.
    Auto app update settings
  5. The following automatic app installation options are displayed:
    • Install once: The app is installed on the device only once. If the user uninstalls the app, Google does not install the app again. However, the app is automatically installed on the device on re-enrollment and shared device sign in.
    • Retry installation: Google automatically installs the app on the device after the user uninstalls the app.
    • Applicable only for Google Play apps, Private app for Android Enterprise, and Web app for Android Enterprise.
    • The Install once option is selected by default.
    • After adding the app to the App Catalog, you can always modify the automatic app installation settings from the App Summary page. If you modify the auto-install mode, changes are applied to devices without redistributing the app.
      auto installation mode app summary