Enabling the ActiveX control for Internet Explorer users

The Internet Explorer ActiveX control provides mail enhancements to IBM SmartCloud® Notes® web users who use Internet Explorer.

About this task

You enable use of the ActiveX control through SmartCloud Notes Administration Account Settings. ActiveX is disabled by default to allow and encourage more secure web browser configurations. If you enable ActiveX to provide additional mail features to Internet Explorer users, be aware that doing so might result in less secure browser configurations.

If you enable ActiveX, when users who use Internet Explorer log in to the SmartCloud Notes service, they see prompts that allow them to install the ActiveX control. The prompts refer to the ActiveX control as the IBM® iNotes® control.

After users install the control, they can do the following tasks:
  • Make SmartCloud Notes web the default email client through Preferences.
  • Send email from Windows Explorer, the desktop, or the Start menu.
  • Create new email messages by clicking a Mailto:// link from external web pages.
  • Select multiple files to attach to an email, detach and save multiple attachments, open attachments by double-clicking without having to save them first, and drag multiple attachments to Windows Explorer or the desktop.
  • Copy an image to the clipboard and then press Ctrl+V or click the image icon in the message toolbar to paste the image into an email.
Note: Running Internet Explorer in Protected Mode can prevent users from being able to save attachments, drag attachments from mail to the desktop, or set the default mail client. For information about options to resolve this issue and about Protected Mode, see IBM Technote 1655831. One option is to resolve the issue by adding the mail server or domain as a trusted site. If you use this option, as the trusted site, specify notes.<dc>.collabserv.com (where dc is your data center) or *.collabserv.com.

Users might occasionally be prompted to install updates to the ActiveX control when enhancements to the control are deployed in the service. If users do not install an update, features that require the control are no longer available during the current session. Users are prompted again to install the update when they next log in to the service.

Complete the following steps to enable all web users who use Internet Explorer to download and use the ActiveX control.


  1. Log on to the service as an administrator.
  2. If your account also has the User role, click Admin > Manage Organization.
  3. In the System Settings section of the navigation pane, click IBM SmartCloud Notes.
  4. Click Account Settings.
  5. Click Email & Calendar Options.
  6. Select Enable ActiveX attachment control.