Merging ReqIF packages

Requirements Interchange Format packages that have been imported into a IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS (DOORS) project and that are associated with an existing Requirements Interchange Format definition can be merged. Merging an imported package updates your local data with the changes that were included in the remote project.

Before you begin

You must have the power to partition data, and modify access to the project.

About this task

When you merge a package, the following updates are made to local modules:
  • New objects are added to the local module.
  • New attribute definitions are added to local module.
  • All attribute value differences are copied to the local module.
  • Purged objects are not updated in the local module. If an object no longer exists in an imported module, it is ignored during the merge and the original object is unchanged in the local module.
  • New view definitions are added to the local module.
  • A view that already exists in the local module is not updated if it has been changed in the imported module.
  • New links are created in the local module.
  • The history information for the local module history is updated with every change. The user who performed the merge and the time the merge is made are recorded. History information is generated only for attributes that are set up to update history.
Note: When a link is deleted in one project, but not in the linked project, the link might be recreated when a package is exchanged back and forth between the local and remote projects. To ensure that a link is completely removed, you must manually delete the link in both projects.


  1. In the database explorer, select the project containing the package you want to merge, click File > Properties, and then click the ReqIF Definitions tab.
  2. Select the definition that is associated with the imported package that you want to merge, and click Imports.
    The ReqIF Definition Imports window opens.
  3. Select the imported package that you want to merge, and click Merge.