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Alternative CCSID 1399 conversion

This table lists the alternative Unicode conversion for CCSID 1399 on the IBM® i operating system for the 5 characters translated differently than Microsoft.

The IBM map for CCSID 1399 to and from Unicode currently translates 5 characters differently than Microsoft does in its default support. This can cause problems for customers that have both operating systems in their environment. To help address this difference there is an additional map that will translate these 5 characters like Microsoft does. To access this conversion, specify a conversion alternative of 7 on the iconv_open() API. The characters that will be translated differently are:

CCSID 1399 codepoint (character name) IBM primary codepoint (Unicode name) Type 7 map codepoint (Unicode name)
X'444A' (EM Dash) X'2014' (EM Dash) X'2015' (Horizontal Bar)
X'43A1' (Wave Dash) X'301C' (Wave Dash) X'FF5E' (Fullwidth Tilde)
X'447C' (Double vertical line) X'2016 (Double vertical line) X'2225' (Parallel To)
X'4260' (Minus sign) X'2212' (Minus sign) X'FF0D' (Fullwidth hyphen-minus)
X'426A' (Broken bar) X'00A6' (Broken bar) X'FFE4' (Fullwidth broken bar)
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