Interface JDBCConnectionSpec

  • All Superinterfaces:
    javax.resource.cci.ConnectionSpec, WSConnectionSpec

    public interface JDBCConnectionSpec
    extends WSConnectionSpec

    A ConnectionSpec interface provided for JDBC users to specify additional Connection properties on getConnection.

    To make use of this functionality, the JDBC application must cast to WSDataSource as follows,

    Connection conn = ((WSDataSource) ds).getConnection(jdbcConnectionSpec);

    • Method Detail

      • getTransactionIsolation

        int getTransactionIsolation()
        Get the transaction isolation level.
        the java.sql.Connection transaction isolation constant for the isolation level.
      • setTransactionIsolation

        void setTransactionIsolation(int isolationLevel)

        Set the transaction isolation level. Any isolation level constant from the java.sql.Connection interface can be used, provided the backend supports it.

        If a value of TRANSACTION_NONE is specified, the value specified in the res-ref is used. If this value is also TRANSACTION_NONE or not specified, the WebSphere default isolation level specified in the DataStoreHelper is used.

        The WebSphere default values are:
        • Cloudscape: REPEATABLE READ
        • DB2/AS400: REPEATABLE READ
        • Informix: REPEATABLE READ
        • Microsoft SQL Server: REPEATABLE READ
        • Oracle: READ COMMITTED
        • Sybase: REPEATABLE READ
        • Unsupported databases: READ COMMITTED
        isolationLevel - the isolation level.
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