Interface ExchangeToken

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    public interface ExchangeToken
    extends SecurityToken

    This interface represents the receiving token that is validated by using WS-Trust, and has been exchanged to a new token. This token interface encapsulates the unsorted properties of a generic security token in (key,value) pairs that are meaningful to implementors and exploiters of the token, and the authorization token from SecurityTokenService as a result of token validation and exchange.

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      • getProperties

        java.util.Map getProperties()
        getter for the properties of the security token.
        a map containing (key,value) pairs representing the token properties. For example, when WSTrust client returns a GenericSecurityToken, it could optionally store RequestSecurityTokenResponse in this properties.
      • getAuthorizationToken

        SecurityToken getAuthorizationToken()
        getter for the exchanged authorization token from SecurityTokenService
        an authorization token generated by SecurityTokenService via WS-Trust Validate request. For example WS-Trust client may return an authorization token in addition to status code.
IBM WebSphere Application ServerTM
Release 9.0