Class SetTerminationTimeResponse

  • java.lang.Object
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    public class SetTerminationTimeResponse
    extends java.lang.Object

    This class represents the XML complexType "wsrf-rl:SetTerminationTimeResponse"

     <xsd:element name="SetTerminationTimeResponse">
           <xsd:element name="NewTerminationTime" nillable="true" type="xsd:dateTime" />
           <xsd:element name="CurrentTime" type="xsd:dateTime" />
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    Serialized Form
    • Method Summary

      Modifier and Type Method and Description
      java.util.Calendar getCurrentTime()
      Gets the current time
      NewTerminationTime getNewTerminationTime()
      Gets the new termination time.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • SetTerminationTimeResponse

        public SetTerminationTimeResponse(NewTerminationTime newTerminationTime,
                                  java.util.Calendar currentTime)
        Constructor for a new SetTerminationTimeResponse instance
        newTerminationTime - The requested termination time.
        currentTime - The current time
    • Method Detail

      • getNewTerminationTime

        public NewTerminationTime getNewTerminationTime()
        Gets the new termination time.
        The new termination time.
      • getCurrentTime

        public java.util.Calendar getCurrentTime()
        Gets the current time
        the current time
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