Class ResourceNotDestroyedFault

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    public class ResourceNotDestroyedFault
    extends BaseFault

    This class represents the XML complexType "wsrf-rl:ResourceNotDestroyedFaultType"

     <xsd:complexType name="ResourceNotDestroyedFaultType">
         <xsd:extension base="wsrf-bf:BaseFaultType"/>
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      • ResourceNotDestroyedFault

        public ResourceNotDestroyedFault()
        Default constructor. Constructs a ResourceNotDestroyedFault with the inherited and mandatory timestamp field set. Other fields may be modified using the 'set' methods.
      • ResourceNotDestroyedFault

        public ResourceNotDestroyedFault(EndpointReference originator,
                                 ErrorCode errorCode,
                                 FaultDescription[] descriptions,
                                 IOSerializableSOAPElement faultCause,
                                 IOSerializableSOAPElement[] extensibilityElements,
                                 Attribute[] attributes)
        Constructor for a new ResourceNotDestroyedFault instance. Since all fields are optional, null may be passed for any value to omit a field.
        originator - The WS-Addressing EndpointReference of the Web Service that generated the fault.
        errorCode - The error code.
        descriptions - The set of descriptions.
        faultCause - The fault cause.
        extensibilityElements - The set of extensibility elements.
        attributes - The set of attributes
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      • getMessage

        public java.lang.String getMessage()
        Get the message for this fault. This method overrides the implementation in java.lang.Throwable to return the text of the first description in the sequence of descriptions belonging to the fault.
        getMessage in class java.lang.Throwable
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