Interface IOSerializableSOAPElement

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    public interface IOSerializableSOAPElement
    An IOSerializableSOAPElement object represents a form of a javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement. IOSerializableSOAPElements can be created through the IOSerializableSOAPElementFactory.createElement(SOAPElement) method. Web Services BaseFault implementations, which derive from java.lang.Exception, make use of this mechanism to allow any SOAPElement content to be as java.lang.Exceptions must themselves be
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      javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement getSOAPElement()
      Returns the javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement form of the SOAPElement
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        javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement getSOAPElement()
        Returns the javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement form of the SOAPElement
        The SOAPElement that is wrapped by this IOSerializableSOAPElement
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