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    public interface EndpointReference
    extends, java.lang.Cloneable
    This interface represents the XML EndpointReferenceType complexType of the WS-Addressing specification XML schema. An EndpointReference contains the information needed to reference a Web service endpoint.

    Instances of this interface are created by the class.

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      void setReferenceParameter(javax.xml.namespace.QName name, java.lang.String value)
      Sets a reference parameter to a String value.
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      • setReferenceParameter

        void setReferenceParameter(javax.xml.namespace.QName name,
                                 java.lang.String value)
                                   throws ReferenceParameterCreationException
        Sets a reference parameter to a String value. If a reference parameter with the specified name already exists, this will be overridden.
        name - The QName identifying this reference parameter.
        value - The String value of this reference parameter. If this is null, any reference paramater with the given QName will be unset.
        ReferenceParameterCreationException - if an error occured during the creation of this reference parameter element.
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Release 9.0