Class WorkAreaException

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    NotOriginator, NoWorkArea, PropertyFixed, PropertyReadOnly

    public class WorkAreaException
    extends DistributedException
    The base exception class for the WorkArea exceptions. A user may choose to catch each of the WorkArea exceptions as in the following:
         try {
         catch (NoWorkArea e) {  ...  }
         catch (NotOriginator e) {  ...  }
         catch (Exception e) (  ...  }

    Alternatively, if the appropriate response to a WorkArea exception condition is dependent upon the exact nature of the exception, the following may be employed:
         try {
         catch (WorkAreaException e) {  ... }
         catch (Exception e) {  ...  }

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    • Constructor Detail

      • WorkAreaException

        public WorkAreaException()
        Default constructor
      • WorkAreaException

        public WorkAreaException(java.lang.String s)
        Constructor with message
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