Class PartitionAlreadyExistsException

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    • java.lang.Throwable
      • java.lang.Exception
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    public class PartitionAlreadyExistsException
    extends java.lang.Exception
    A PartitionAlreadyExistsException exception indicates that the work area partition with the given name a user tried to create already exists. A Partition name must be unique. For example, if the partition "myPartitionName" alread exists, and a user tries to create a partition with this name, a PartitionAlreadyExistsException will be thrown:

                  . . .
     String myPar = "myPartitionName";
         //See the UserWorkArea interface and the
         //WorkAreaPartitionManager interface.
         UserWorkArea myPartition = workAreaPartitionManager.createWorkAreaPartition(myPar,properties);
     catch(PartitionAlreadyExistsException e){  
         System.out.println("Partition: " + myPar + " already exists");
                  . . .
                  . . .

    See Also:
    WorkAreaPartitionManager, Serialized Form
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      • PartitionAlreadyExistsException

        public PartitionAlreadyExistsException()
      • PartitionAlreadyExistsException

        public PartitionAlreadyExistsException(java.lang.String s)
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