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    public class NotOriginator
    extends WorkAreaException
    The NotOriginator exception enforces a concept integral to the WorkArea service; context may only be modified within the process (client, servlet, bean) that created the boundary when a WorkArea partition is defined to be unidirectional (that is, context only propagates downstream and not back up stream). When a work area partition is defined as unidirectional, if a WorkArea is begun on a client and populated with a single property:
         userWorkArea.set("key", "value");
    only that client may set context into, remove context from, or complete that WorkArea; any attempt to do so during the processing of a remote call will throw a NotOriginator. Downstream nodes may override imported context by beginning a nested WorkArea and setting a new property with the same key; these changes will not be returned to the invoking process at the end of the remote call.
    If a WorkArea partition is defined with bidirection propagation, a downstream process may set context into, or remove context from a WorkArea begun by the originator of the call. These additions or changes will propagate back to the originator. However, even in the bidirectional case, a downstream process still may not complete a WorkArea begun by an upstream process. Doing so will result in a NotOriginator exception.
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        public NotOriginator()
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        public NotOriginator(java.lang.String s)
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