Interface MessageData

    • Method Detail

      • getToAddress

        java.lang.String getToAddress()
        Returns the String for the destination URI.
      • getFromAddress

        java.lang.String getFromAddress()
        Returns the String URI for the originator of the message.
      • getReplyToAddress

        java.lang.String getReplyToAddress()
        Returns the String URI for replies to be sent to.
      • getState

        MessageData.MessageState getState()
        Returns the MessageState object which represents the current state of this message
      • getSequenceMessageNumber

        long getSequenceMessageNumber()
        Returns the long value representing this message's number within a sequence.
      • getSequenceID

        java.lang.String getSequenceID()
        Returns the String representing the WS-ReliableMessaging sequence to which this message belongs.
      • getInfo_soap

        java.lang.String getInfo_soap()
      • getInfo_relatesTo

        java.lang.String getInfo_relatesTo()
      • getInfo_msgID

        java.lang.String getInfo_msgID()
      • getInfo_internalSeqID

        java.lang.String getInfo_internalSeqID()
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Release 9.0