Interface InboundSequenceData

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    public interface InboundSequenceData
    extends SequenceData
    Data Access Object used by the mbeans to present inbound WS-ReliableMessaging sequence state information to the user.
    • Method Detail

      • getInboundDepth

        long getInboundDepth()
        Returns the current number of inbound messages on this WS-ReliableMessaging sequence awaiting dispatch to the owning application
      • getHighestInMsgNumber

        long getHighestInMsgNumber()
        Return the highest WS-ReliableMessaging sequence message number received so far on this sequence.
      • getLastActivatedTime

        long getLastActivatedTime()
        Return a long value for the time that the WS-ReliableMessaging sequence state was last updated. Time is in millis and represents the last timestamp the sequence was modified.
      • isInOrder

        boolean isInOrder()
        Return true it the inbound messages will be dispatched to the application in the order they were sent based on the WS-ReliableMessaging Sequence number. Messages that arrive out of order will not be dispatched to the application until all previous messages have been dispatched to the application.
IBM WebSphere Application ServerTM
Release 9.0