Interface AppStartUpHome

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    javax.ejb.EJBHome, java.rmi.Remote

    public interface AppStartUpHome
    extends javax.ejb.EJBHome
    Any startup beans must use this interface in their J2EE descriptors. The beans must be session beans which use AppStartUpHome for their home interface and AppStartUp for their remote interface.

    The order which the beans are started in can be controlled within a single ejb-jar. The ejb env variable wasStartupPriority which should be an integer can be used to specify an ordering. The default value if this property is not present is 0. Beans are started in ascending order and stopped in descending order.

    Startup beans should never be invoked by an application.

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      AppStartUp create() 
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        getEJBMetaData, getHomeHandle, remove, remove
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        AppStartUp create()
                          throws javax.ejb.CreateException,
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