Interface IBMSipSession

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    public interface IBMSipSession
    extends javax.servlet.sip.SipSession
    An extension of the SipSession interface. SipSession has related SipSession when a request which initiated that session contains a "Join" or "Replace" header. In this case, it is useful for the application to be able to access the SipSession which is mentioned in those "Join" or "Replace" headers (the related SipSession).
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      javax.servlet.sip.SipSession getRelatedSipSession() 
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        createRequest, getApplicationSession, getAttribute, getAttributeNames, getCallId, getCreationTime, getId, getInvalidateWhenReady, getLastAccessedTime, getLocalParty, getRegion, getRemoteParty, getServletContext, getState, getSubscriberURI, invalidate, isReadyToInvalidate, isValid, removeAttribute, setAttribute, setHandler, setInvalidateWhenReady, setOutboundInterface, setOutboundInterface
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        javax.servlet.sip.SipSession getRelatedSipSession()
        related SipSession, or null when no related sessions exist
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