Interface GenericEJBMediationHandlerLocalHome

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    public interface GenericEJBMediationHandlerLocalHome
    extends javax.ejb.EJBLocalHome

    Local Home interface for Enterprise Bean: GenericEJBMediationHandlerBean.

    Security related checks are performed based on information defined in the EJBs deployment descriptor. This information is specified in the tooling and can be modified at application installation time.

    In order to obtain a reference to this object it must be first retrieved via JNDI at which point the nameserver may perform additional access control checks based on the configuration of the nameserver.

    • Method Summary

      Modifier and Type Method and Description
      GenericEJBMediationHandlerLocal create()
      Creates an instance of a GenericEJBMediationHandlerBean
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      • create

        GenericEJBMediationHandlerLocal create()
                                               throws javax.ejb.CreateException
        Creates an instance of a GenericEJBMediationHandlerBean
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Release 9.0