Interface IBMSessionListener

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    java.util.EventListener, javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionListener

    public interface IBMSessionListener
    extends javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionListener
    The IBMSessionListener interface extends the javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionListener interface of the Servlet API to notify an application that its session has been removed from the server's cache. This could be because:
    • the session timed out
    • the session was programatically invalidated
    • the session cache is full and this is the least-recently-used session (distributed environment only)

    A session will eventually time out on every server that accesses the session, and therefore sessionRemovedFromCache() will be called on all of these servers. sessionDestroyed() is only called during session invalidation, which only happens on one server. Further, the server that invalidates and calls sessionDestroyed() may or may not be the same server that created a session and called sessionCreated().

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      void sessionRemovedFromCache(java.lang.String sessionId) 
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        sessionCreated, sessionDestroyed
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      • sessionRemovedFromCache

        void sessionRemovedFromCache(java.lang.String sessionId)
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