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    BeanTaskInfo, MessageTaskInfo, TaskInfo

    public interface TaskStatus
    The current state of a scheduled task.

    The Scheduler interface has methods which allow modifying and viewing a task that was created using the Scheduler.create(TaskInfo) method. Throughout the lifetime of a task, the status will change and it might be useful to know what that state is.

    A TaskStatus record that represents the current state can be obtained from various Scheduler methods, and can be specifically queried using the Scheduler.getStatus(String) method. TaskStatus is a snapshot of the task's state and does not change. To retrieve the current state of a task, the Scheduler.getStatus(String) method must be re-run.

    The getStatus() method returns the current state of the task within its life cycle. The method in which the TaskStatus was retrieved and the semantics of the task itself determine if this state reflects the current state or the next effective state.

    A task's normal life cycle, when using the quality of service TaskInfo.QOS_ATLEASTONCE or the task execution option of TaskInfo.EXECUTION_DELAYEDUPDATE, is:

    If a task is repeating:

    If a task is automatically purged:

    The SUSPENDED, CANCELLED and INVALID states can occur anytime during the task's life cycle.

    If the task is using the default TaskInfo.QOS_ONLYONCE quality of service, the RUNNING state is never used. The task always reflects the next effective state.

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    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field and Description
      static int CANCELLED
      The scheduled task has been cancelled using the Scheduler.cancel method.
      static int COMPLETE
      The scheduled task has fired to completion.
      static int INVALID
      The scheduled task has been purged and is no longer valid.
      static int RUNNING
      The scheduled task is currently executing.
      static int SCHEDULED
      The scheduled task is currently scheduled to execute.
      static long serialVersionUID 
      static int SUSPENDED
      The scheduled task is suspended.
    • Method Summary

      Modifier and Type Method and Description
      java.lang.String getName()
      Get the name of the task.
      java.util.Date getNextFireTime()
      Get the date and time which this task is scheduled to fire next.
      int getRepeatsLeft()
      Get the number of repeats that are left for this task.
      int getStatus()
      Get the status of a task that is retrieved from a Scheduler.
      java.lang.String getTaskId()
      Get the task identifier for this task that was assigned when the task was created.
      java.util.Date getTimeCreated()
      Get the date and time which this task was originally created.
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