Class Sybase11DataStoreHelper

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    public class Sybase11DataStoreHelper
    extends SybaseDataStoreHelper
    Sybase11DataStoreHelper is a DataStoreHelper implementation customized for Sybase 11.9.2. It allows for plugging in function specific to Sybase 11.9.2. When mapping a SQLException, the SQLException mappings from the SybaseDataStoreHelper are searched first, and subsequently, if no match is found, the SQLException mappings from the GenericDataStoreHelper are searched. If you have additional requirements on Sybase 11.9.2, you should consider subclassing this implementation.
    Note: This class and its methods can not be called or referenced directly by user applications.
    WAS 5.0.1
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      • Sybase11DataStoreHelper

        public Sybase11DataStoreHelper(java.util.Properties props)
        This Sybase11DataStoreHelper constructor creates a new Sybase11DataStoreHelper based on the DataStoreHelper properties provided. All implementations inheriting from a data store helper must supply this same list of properties to their super class by invoking the constructor of their super class with the list of properties.
        props - DataStoreHelper properties.
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      • getIsolationLevel

        public int getIsolationLevel(AccessIntent aIntent)
                              throws javax.resource.ResourceException
        This method determines the transaction isolation level based on the specified AccessIntent. If the AccessIntent parameter is null, a default value should be returned that is appropriate for the database backend.

        For Sybase 11, java.sql.Connection.TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTED is returned in all cases, except when the AccessIntent is AccessIntent.PESSIMISTIC_UPDATE_LOCK_HINT_EXCLUSIVE, in which case java.sql.Connection.TRANSACTION_SERIALIZABLE is returned.

        Specified by:
        getIsolationLevel in interface DataStoreHelper
        getIsolationLevel in class SybaseDataStoreHelper
        intent - An AccessIntent
        A transaction isolation level appropriate for the specified AccessIntent.
        javax.resource.ResourceException - If a transaction isolation level cannot be determined from the AccessIntent.
        See Also:
        AccessIntent, Connection
      • getLockType

        public int getLockType(AccessIntent intent)

        This method returns a lock type constant based on the update hint value of the specified AccessIntent. The lock type is used by the persistence manager to determine which locking hints are used on a SELECT statement.

        Specified by:
        getLockType in interface DataStoreHelper
        getLockType in class GenericDataStoreHelper
        intent - An AccessIntent
        the lock type constant. Valid values are defined in
        See Also:
        AccessIntent, WSInteractionSpec
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