Class DB2390LocalDataStoreHelper

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    public class DB2390LocalDataStoreHelper
    extends DB2390DataStoreHelper

    DB2390LocalDataStoreHelper is a DataStoreHelper implementation customized for the DB2 database on zSeries, running locally on the same system so as to take advantage of RRS. Base functionality, with respect to AccessIntent, is provided by the parent class, DB2390DataStoreHelper. This class allows WebSphere to set connection management properties for Data Sources pertaining to the zSeries platform.

    SQLException mapping is handles by the DB2390DataStoreHelper. If you have additional requirements on DB2 running on zSeries you should consider subclassing this implementation.
    Note: This class and its methods can not be called or referenced directly by user applications.

    WAS 5.0.1
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      • DB2390LocalDataStoreHelper

        public DB2390LocalDataStoreHelper(java.util.Properties props)
        This DB2390LocalDataStoreHelper constructor creates a new DB2390LocalDataStoreHelper based on the DataStoreHelper properties provided. All implementations inheriting from a data store helper must supply this same list of properties to their super class by invoking the constructor of their super class with the list of properties.
        props - DataStoreHelper properties.
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Release 9.0