Class CloudscapeNetworkServerDataStoreHelper

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    public class CloudscapeNetworkServerDataStoreHelper
    extends CloudscapeDataStoreHelper
    CloudscapeNetworkServerDataStoreHelper is a DataStoreHelper implementation customized for the Cloudscape database when running using the Cloudscape NetworkServer framework. When mapping a SQLException, the SQLException mappings from the CloudscapeNetworkServerDataStoreHelper and CloudscapeDataStoreHelper are searched first, and subsequently, if no match is found, the SQLException mappings from the GenericDataStoreHelper are searched. If you have additional requirements on Cloudscape you should consider subclassing this implementation.
    Note: This class and its methods can not be called or referenced directly by user applications.

    SQLException mappings specific to the CloudscapeNetworkServerDataStoreHelper are the following:

    Error CodeSQL StatePortableSQLException subclass
    WAS 5.0.2
    • Constructor Detail

      • CloudscapeNetworkServerDataStoreHelper

        public CloudscapeNetworkServerDataStoreHelper(java.util.Properties props)
        This CloudscapeNetworkServerDataStoreHelper constructor creates a new CloudscapeNetworkServerDataStoreHelper based on the DataStoreHelper properties provided. All implementations inheriting from a data store helper must supply this same list of properties to their super class by invoking the constructor of their super class with the list of properties.
        props - DataStoreHelper properties.
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      • doStatementCleanup

        public void doStatementCleanup(java.sql.PreparedStatement stmt)
                                throws java.sql.SQLException

        This method cleans up a statement before the statement is returned to the statement cache. This method is called only for statements that will be cached. It is called only if at least one of the following statement properties has changed,

        • cursorName
        • fetchDirection
        • maxFieldSize
        • maxRows
        • queryTimeout

        CloudscapeDataStoreHelper resets all of the statement properties listed above except for the queryTimeout property.

        The following operations do not need to be included in the statement cleanup since they are automatically performed by WebSphere when caching statements,

        • setFetchSize(0)
        • clearParameters()
        • clearWarnings()

        A helper class implementing this method may choose to do additional cleanup for the statement. However, this should never include closing the statement, since the statement is intended to be cached.

        Specified by:
        doStatementCleanup in interface DataStoreHelper
        doStatementCleanup in class CloudscapeDataStoreHelper
        stmt - the PreparedStatement.
        java.sql.SQLException - if an error occurs cleaning up the statement.
IBM WebSphere Application ServerTM
Release 9.0