Interface WSAverageStatistic

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    public interface WSAverageStatistic
    extends WSStatistic
    WebSphere Average statistic to represent a simple average.
    • Method Detail

      • getCount

        long getCount()
        Returns the number of samples involved in this statistic.
      • getTotal

        long getTotal()
        Returns the sum of the values of all the samples.
      • getMean

        double getMean()
        Returns the mean or average (getTotal() divided by getCount()).
      • getMin

        long getMin()
        Returns the minimum value of all the samples.
      • getMax

        long getMax()
        Returns the maximum value of all the samples.
      • getSumOfSquares

        double getSumOfSquares()
        Returns the sum-of-squares of the values of all the samples.
IBM WebSphere Application ServerTM
Release 9.0