Interface CpdData

  • All Superinterfaces:
    java.lang.Cloneable, CpdEventSender, CpdXML,

    As of 6.0, PMI Client API is replaced with JMX interface and MBean StatisticsProvider model. PMI CpdCollection data structure is replaced by J2EE Performance Data Framework defined in package.

    The CpdData is a 4.0 class and will be supported in 5.0. It contains the config info and an object of CpdDouble, CpdLong, CpdLoad, or CpdStat depending on the data type.

    The CpdData object is the lowest level in the data hierarchy. Each CpdData instance contains all the static information for the performance data and a getValue method to return the data dynamic information, in the form of an instance of the CpdValue object. The CpdData interface provides an update method to take a reference to a new version of a piece of data and update the current object with the new value. The value is updated only if the new data has the same name as the original object. The CpdData interface also includes an addListener interface to enable data objects to register as event listeners; see The CpdEventListener and CpdEvent interfaces for details. The CpdData interface extends the CpdXML and CpdEventSender interfaces, which are shown in the definition located in that section.

    public interface CpdData
    extends, CpdXML, CpdEventSender
    • Method Detail

      • getId

        int getId()
        Get ID of this data - unique within a module
      • getDescriptor

        PerfDescriptor getDescriptor()
        Get the PerfDescriptor of this data
      • getDescription

        java.lang.String getDescription()
      • getPmiDataInfo

        PmiDataInfo getPmiDataInfo()
        Get PmiDataInfo
      • setPmiDataInfo

        void setPmiDataInfo(PmiDataInfo info)
        Set PmiDataInfo
      • setValue

        void setValue(CpdValue value)
        Set the current value
      • update

        void update(CpdData other)
        If this data is the same as other, set this value to be the value of other. Otherwise, do nothing.
      • getValue

        CpdValue getValue()
        The current value associated with the chain
      • getParent

        java.lang.Object getParent()
        Get the collection that holds this data
      • setParent

        void setParent(java.lang.Object parent)
      • reset

        boolean reset()
        Return true if this data is resettable
      • undoReset

        boolean undoReset()
        Resets the baseValue to null
      • getBaseValue

        CpdValue getBaseValue()
      • setBaseValue

        void setBaseValue(CpdValue base)
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