Class SimpleCommandProvider

  • public abstract class SimpleCommandProvider
    extends CommandProvider
    The class provides a mechanism for command providers to implement multiple admin commands easily.

    This command provider always creates SimpleAdminCommand instance for any commands. The execute method always delegates the execution logic to a method with the same name of the command defined on this class. For instance, if the command name is "mySimpleCmd", then the SimpleAdminCommand delegates the execution logic of the command to a method Object mySimpleCmd(AdminCommand cmd); This method may return any object type and throw some exceptions. Therefore, command providers only needs to implement a method on this class for each admin command it provides.

    The limitation of this approach is that command provider can not override the validate and getChoices methods.

    • Field Detail

      • methodTable

        protected java.util.HashMap methodTable
    • Constructor Detail

      • SimpleCommandProvider

        protected SimpleCommandProvider()
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