Class CommandMgrInitializer

  • java.lang.Object

  • public final class CommandMgrInitializer
    extends java.lang.Object
    Initialize proper implementation of the commandMgr depending on specified command execution environment. Three command execution environments are supported: client mode, server mode and local mode. Corresponding initialize methods are provided for each command execution environment.
    • Method Summary

      Modifier and Type Method and Description
      static void initializeClientMode(AdminClient adminclient)
      Replaced by CommandMgr.getCommandMgr(AdminClient adminclient)
      static void initializeLocalMode()
      Replaced by CommandMgr.getCommandMgr()
      static void initializeServerMode()
      Replaced by CommandMgr.getCommandMgr()
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    • Method Detail

      • initializeClientMode

        public static void initializeClientMode(AdminClient adminclient)
                                         throws CommandMgrInitException
        Deprecated. Replaced by CommandMgr.getCommandMgr(AdminClient adminclient)
        Initializes command framework component in client mode. If user want to connect to another server, then this method should be called again. For now, we only support one AdminClient (Singleton) per process, but in the future we can enhance this.
        adminclient - the adminClient object that represents a remote server for command execution.
      • initializeServerMode

        public static void initializeServerMode()
        Deprecated. Replaced by CommandMgr.getCommandMgr()
        Initializes the command framework component in server mode. This method should be called only once normally. Invocations after first invocation will be a noop.
      • initializeLocalMode

        public static void initializeLocalMode()
        Deprecated. Replaced by CommandMgr.getCommandMgr()
        Initializes command framework component in local mode. This method will be called only once normally. All the invocations after first invocation will be equivalent to an noop.
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