Class HPELRepositoryExporter

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    public class HPELRepositoryExporter
    Implementation of the RepositoryExporter interface exporting log records in a directory in HPEL formatted files. The storeHeader method of the parent class must be called before any records can be stored. Each record is stored with the storeRecord function. Failure to follow the order will result in runtime exceptions.
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor and Description
      HPELRepositoryExporter( repositoryDir)
      Constructs an exporter which stores log records in HPEL format.
    • Method Summary

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      protected createSubWriter(java.lang.String pid, java.lang.String label, java.lang.String superPid) 
      protected createWriter(java.lang.String pid, java.lang.String label) 
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    • Constructor Detail

      • HPELRepositoryExporter

        public HPELRepositoryExporter( repositoryDir)
        Constructs an exporter which stores log records in HPEL format.
        repositoryDir - export directory where repository log files will be created.
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      • createWriter

        protected createWriter(java.lang.String pid,
                                                               java.lang.String label)
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        createWriter in class
      • createSubWriter

        protected createSubWriter(java.lang.String pid,
                                                                  java.lang.String label,
                                                                  java.lang.String superPid)
        Specified by:
        createSubWriter in class
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