Interface BulletinBoardSnapshot

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    public interface BulletinBoardSnapshot
    This represents a snapshot of the current bulletin board state.
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      • getManagingServers

        java.lang.String[] getManagingServers()
        This returns the set of servers currently managing the bulletin board. The subjects are hashed over this set. The set of servers managing the bulletinboard is dynamic and this subset basically floats on the current online machines.
        the set of servers currently managing the bulletin board.
      • getSubjectsManagedByServer

        BulletinBoardSubjectSnapshot[] getSubjectsManagedByServer(int index)
        This allows the subjects managed by a server to be retrieved.

        Use the getManagingServers() method to determine the list of managing servers, then use this method to to retrieve the subjects for a particular server.

        index - This corresponds to the index of the server returned by getManagingServers().
        an array of subjects managed by the specified server.
IBM WebSphere Application ServerTM
Release 9.0