Class Policy

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    public class Policy
    extends Property
    Represents a UDDI policy.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • Policy

        public Policy()
        Constructor taking no arguments.
      • Policy

        public Policy(java.lang.String id,
              java.lang.String type,
              java.lang.Object value,
              java.lang.String nameKey)
        Constructor taking policy ID, value type, value and name message key.
        id -
        type -
        value -
        nameKey -
    • Method Detail

      • getPolicyDecisionPoint

        public java.lang.String getPolicyDecisionPoint()
        Returns the policy decision point, which is one of node or registry.
        the policy decision point.
      • setPolicyDecisionPoint

        public void setPolicyDecisionPoint(java.lang.String policyDecisionPoint)
        Sets policy decision point
        policyDecisionPoint -
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class Property
      • getPolicyType

        public java.lang.String getPolicyType()
        Returns the type of the policy, which is one of Model or Document.
        policy type.
      • setPolicyType

        public void setPolicyType(java.lang.String policyType)
        Sets the policy type.
        policyType -
      • isDelegatable

        public boolean isDelegatable()
        Indicates if the policy decision can be delegated from the registry to the node.
        true if the policy decision can be delegated, false otherwise. Some policy decision points are fixed at either the registry or node.
      • setDelegatable

        public void setDelegatable(boolean delegatable)
        Sets whether the policy decision point can be delegated.
        delegatable - - set to true if the policy decision point can be switched between registry and node.
      • getAliasName

        public java.lang.String getAliasName()
        Returns the human readable name of this policy.
        - the alias name.
      • setAliasName

        public void setAliasName(java.lang.String string)
        Sets human readable name for this policy, that can be used in code to look up a policy.
        string -
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