Advance your business relationships with B2B Collaboration

Build a supplier and partner network that enables frictionless, productive and advantageous business relationships.

How do I deliver a B2B integration solution that makes us more competitive?

Build a strategic integration platform that satisfies your company's operational requirements


B2B Software - B2B Integration

Consolidate all EDI document processing on a single, security-rich platform. Centralize the on-boarding and management of your trading partner community.

B2B Software - Managed File Transfer

Accelerate file transfers by synchronizing systems and simplifying data sharing.

Partner Engagement Manager

Simplify the on-boarding and management of B2B community relationships by centralizing on-boarding activities. Offer self-service and the proactive management of contact and certificate data to avoid process disruptions.

Supply Chain Business Network

Cognitive capability: Business transaction intelligence

Simplify B2B connectivity and leverage cognitive document correlation technologies for deep visibility into B2B transaction lifecycles. Reduce time to value by up to 85% with the ability to search and see the entire lifecycle of a transaction in real-time and in context of the entire transaction lifecycle.