Reduce costs by using remote access with desktop and virtualization apps

IBM Services for Desktop Virtualization is a transformation service that helps provide the right IT environment for your business that allows your employees to safely and securely access the apps and data they need to help your business be successful. This is our signature workplace solution and provides your business with a comprehensive understanding of the people, processes and technology aspects of your workplace. IBM Services for Desktop Virtualization helps your employees access their data and apps from the devices they prefer, including bring your own device (BYOD).

What you get with IBM Services for Desktop Virtualization

Assess and design

We start with an analytics-driven assessment and design a desktop virtualization approach for your organization's end users. This helps ensure a balance between performance and cost and security to the core.


We build and test, pilot and scale the solution while managing the risks and helping ensure that there’s little to no disruption.


We transition the deployed solution to fully available global operations, and continuously improve end-user experiences, as measured against the baseline, through the use of industry-leading analytics solutions.



employee productivity and satisfaction by enabling remote work


flexible deployment options on-premises, on the private cloud or via IBM managed cloud


costs by helping to decrease unnecessary purchase licenses


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