93% of businesses engage a third-party expert for assistance with at least some aspect of their hybrid cloud deployment.

Improve speed and performance, workload scalability, and security and stability by adopting cloud

With IBM Cloud Migration consulting and services, you get advised on the best migration approach for your enterprise, from any environment to any cloud, whether AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or others. Our end-to-end approach provides organizations a secure, repeatable and scalable path to the cloud. It can reduce migration errors by up to 25%, improve time to insight by up to 25% and deliver application modernization with up to 50% less effort.

66% of IT decision makers consider cloud migration challenging.

IBM Services delivers a security-rich, proven framework for streamlined cloud migration, enabling you to:

Improve agility and time to market

Gain up to 40 – 60% improved agility and time to market.

Reduce operational costs and TCO

Up to 30% reduction of operational costs and 20 – 40% reduced TCO

Unlock new revenue opportunities

Up to 20% unlocking of new revenue opportunities

Cloud Migration Consulting for cloud/multicloud

58% of businesses face challenges when migrating to cloud. Simplify migration — do it with confidence and gain flexibility with cloud migration consulting and services.

IBM has ninety thousand cloud experts, deep expertise in over 20 industries, 6 Billion USD in R&D, proven methods, and a broad set of cloud solutions to help you discover, migrate, manage and secure your multicloud environment.

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The confident move to cloud

Learn about the challenges faced by enterprises as they adopt cloud, as well as the benefits gained through successful migration and modernization.

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