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What is IBM Robotic Process Automation with WDG Automation?

On 17 July 2020, IBM acquired WDG Automation, an RPA vendor based in Brazil. The IBM® Robotic Process Automation with WDG Automation offering is a full-featured, AI-driven RPA solution.

Why did IBM acquire WDG Automation?

Our automation software platform — IBM Cloud Pak® for Automation — is strong in workflow, decisions, unstructured data processing, content management and AI. WDG Automation complements and strengthens our platform so clients can quickly build, deploy at scale and manage software bots. Clients can quickly transform and standardize business and IT operations.

How does this offering fit with the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation offering?

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation clients will be able to access WDG Automation’s RPA capability — embedded into the platform without additional licensing late in 2020 — to intelligently automate tasks and integrate RPA with the other automation capabilities already available in the platform, including workflows, decisions, content management and data capture.

How is this offering different from what other RPA vendors offer?

As a full-featured, RPA solution for building attended and unattended software bots that also offers low-code authoring tools, recorders, scheduling and management of bots, you get:

  • Integrated intelligent virtual agent (IVA) chatbots
  • Concurrent execution with workload management
  • Credential management
  • Software and services
  • Your choice of deployment — on premises or SaaS

How can I get started using this RPA capability ?

You can try this offering right now by signing up for a free trial.

How will IBM clients benefit from this acquisition?

Bringing RPA in house means:

  • Faster time to value. Start and scale automations faster.
  • More responsive product development. Provide faster product enhancements.
  • Focus on business and IT processes. Automate more IT use cases.
  • Operationalized AI. Act on AI insights; send instructions to bots that complete tasks with no lag time or human intervention.

What will happen to clients who purchased IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere?

We partnered with Automation Anywhere to offer an RPA capability that clients could easily deploy alongside our IBM automation platform. We acquired WDG Automation to bring this technology in house and embed RPA across our automation and IT platforms. We will continue to support clients who purchased IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere.

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