Key features of IBM Power E1080

Persistent security for core business applications and data

  • Stay ahead of current and future data threats with transparent memory encryption, 4X more cryptographic accelerators than Power9 and support for Quantum-safe Cryptography & Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE).
  • Enhance the security of applications with a more hardened defense against Return-Oriented-Programming attacks.
  • Simplified single interface hybrid cloud security management.
  • Protect your applications and data with the industry’s most secure VM isolation with orders of magnitude lower CVEs vs x86 hypervisors.

Scale operational applications and enterprise databases efficiently

  • Power10 has 50% more compute capacity than Power9 with the same energy utilization.
  • Dynamically respond to shifts in workload demand with instant and efficient capacity scaling with flexible pay-per-use consumption models across the hybrid cloud.

Ensure continuous operations for critical business services

  • With 25% less downtime than comparable systems, Power10 can detect, isolate and recover from soft errors automatically in the hardware without taking an outage or relying on an OS to manage the faults.
  • The Power10 new Open Memory Interface (OMI) delivers greater than 2x memory RAS than IS-DIMMs and the ability to support future memory technologies.
  • Minimize planned outages and reduce application downtimes with advanced recovery and self-healing.

Run high performance AI applications securely and efficiently

  • Reduce cost, complexity and risk of AI by running it closer to operational data.
  • Meet enterprise service level agreements running AI and operational applications in the same Power system, enabling AI jobs to inherit the enterprise-grade characteristics of the platform with no IT bottlenecks.
  • Power10 CPU’s new MMA engine allows AI capability to be infused directly into business applications and databases with 4 MMA engines on every CPU core.
  • Create models anywhere with ONNX and run on the Power10 platform without any changes.

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment plans help align infrastructure investments with workload needs.