Protect your growing volumes of data with superior security, including true end-to-end encryption. With IBM® MQ Advanced middleware, you can more easily implement reliable business continuity mechanisms to stay up and running. Share data across environments with ease; you can deploy certified containers for Red Hat® OpenShift® with one click.

Three reasons to trust MQ Advanced

End-to-end encryption

Powerfully protect your company and customers, more easily manage compliance and reduce related costs, and increase audit confidence.

Business continuity

Implement an easy and effective failover plan, remove your network storage costs and eliminate any potential single points of failure.

Confident collaboration

Exchange data with third parties in a trusted environment that includes native support for IBM Blockchain and Salesforce integration.

Experience true end-to-end encryption

MQ Advanced brings you unmatched encryption with MQ advanced message security (AMS). What sets AMS apart is the way its end-to-end encryption not only protects data in flight and in memory, but also at rest. Competitors only encrypt the disk, so the message is only safe if the disk isn’t hacked. But AMS can encrypt the message itself — in transit and at rest in the queue on the disk — to protect it even from disk hacks. AMS provides policy-based, application-level, end-to-end data security across your entire connectivity infrastructure.


Advanced messaging security shown in a diagram linking an application to enterprise messaging and to a queue manager

Make powerful business continuity easy

MQ Advanced brings you high availability made easy with MQ replicated data queue managers (RDQM). Maintain service continuity despite planned or unplanned outages, protect against data loss and reduce the cost and complexity of delivering a highly available solution. In addition to reducing storage costs, RDQM simplifies your setup and maintenance while providing a powerful high-availability solution for replicating data as part of automatic failover, including synchronous data replication for MQ’s exclusive once-and-once-only message delivery.


Replicated data queue managers for business continuity shown in a diagram linking network nodes to MQ applications subject to synchronous data replication

Gain two paths to confident collaboration

One path to collaboration involves securely sharing data between MQ Advanced and IBM Blockchain with MQ Advanced’s blockchain bridge.* It lets you easily access blockchain data from your MQ applications. You can send query messages to the blockchain and receive responses, use local Hyperledger Fabric blockchain networks (including ones that run on the IBM Cloud™), and update and query ledgers.

Another path involves a simple migration from your existing File Transfer Protocol (FTP). With that, MQ Advanced Managed File Transfer (MFT) can become the gateway to modernizing your infrastructure. Transfer files between systems in a managed and auditable way, regardless of file size or the operating systems used, and automatically convert files to and from messages without changes to your applications.

*Linux only


MQ Advanced Managed File Transfer shown in a diagram linking an enterprise application to files to an MQ app to more files and to action