Identify and manage asset reliability risks

IBM Maximo® APM - Predictive Maintenance Insights, part of the IBM Maximo Asset Performance Management (APM) suite, helps maintenance managers predict the likelihood of future failures and determine asset failure factors that could impact plant or business operations. It uses Watson™ to look for patterns in asset data, usage and the environment, and correlates with any known issues to help predict failures. 

Key capabilities of Predictive Maintenance

  • Uses data from IoT sensors, OT, EAM and ERP systems
  • Includes five out-of-the-box, popular predictive model templates and associated visualizations
  • Includes a comprehensive library of analytics APIs to build custom models
  • Scores predictive models using Watson Machine Learning
  • Model scores are easily integrated with Asset Health Insights for improved condition monitoring  

→ See the infographic (PDF, 387 KB)

Maximo APM - Predictive Maintenance Insights key benefits

Reduce unplanned downtime and risks

Predict asset failure and initiate action to avoid breakdowns.

Reduce maintenance costs

Avoid over-maintaining assets by enabling scheduled maintenance before failure based on early warnings.

Improve asset utilization

Enable more efficient use of existing assets when you can predict maintenance issues and reduce failures on the job.

Extend asset life

Identify operational performance factors and improve maintenance practices and reliability.

Increase production output

Helps make industrial manufacturing, production processes and products more efficient and dependable to deliver higher output.


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